ECCHJ 2022

European Carp Championship for Juniors


23. - 28. May

69 hours NON-STOP

Teams = 11

Let us introduce you to the 6th edition of the prestigious European Carp Championship for Juniors 2022.

This is the only championship of its kind in the whole of Europe, with more than thirteen countries from all over Europe attending each year.

The last championship (2019) was attended by teams from Slovakia, England, Germany, Austria, Poland, Slovenia, Russia, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Hungary, Serbia and the Czech Republic.

Prizes for the winners PLACE

cups and prizes from sponsors

2.nd PLACE

cups and prizes from sponsors

3.rd PLACE

cups and prizes from sponsors PLACE

prizes | heaviest fish caught

Special awards


For the first point-bearing carp caught


For the correct guess of the weight of the first point-bearing carp caught


For the correct guess of the time when the first point-bearing carp will be caught


For the first tench caught


23. May - Monday

Training Round I - Free Swims
08:00 - 20:00

Team registration:
16:00 - 18:00

24. May - Tuesday

Round II practice - Free Swims
06:00 - 11:00

Departure for the trip to city Kutna Hora 

Go-karting, bobsleigh track

Guided trip to the historical part of city Kutna Hora   
16:45 - 18:15

Opening ceremony in front of St. Barbara‘s Temple 
(photo shoot of all teams on the steps, individual teams)

Entry of competitors and visitors into the St. Barbara‘s Temple  

Ceremony with drawing of lots
18:30 - 19:30

Transfer back to Lake Katlov


25. May - Wednesday (start of Championship)

Possibility of marking, feeding, casting etc.
09:00 - 10:00

Championship start

28. May - Saturday (end of Championship)

End of Championship

Announcement of Championship results

Championship rules


Swims are drawn only once, and any member of the team can perform the draw. Teams that shall not appear for presentation on time shall draw from the remaining swims after the end of the draw. <strong>Swims may not be swapped between teams.

Fishing Sector

Feeding and mapping of the swim may only be carried out from the swim (every team can use only marker or sonar). Fishing sectors are delineated using tape, and a sign bearing the number of the swim. Only the organizing crew may enter the sector during the competition. Other persons may enter the sector only with the permission of the team members who have drawn the respective swim.

If, when a competitor is tackling a carp, said carp swims into the neighboring fishing sector, and the line gets entangled with the line of the team that occupies the neighboring sector, the affected team (i.e. the one that occupies the neighboring sector) may file a written protest and such carp shall not be included in the results of the competition. The protest shall be filed without delay before the carp shall be entered by the referee into the Report of Catches.


Points shall be awarded for a carp that weighs more than 3 kg. After such a carp shall have been caught, a member of the successful team shall “ring up” a referee, who shall weigh the fish, take a picture of the person who caught the fish along with an information table, and s/he shall enter the carp into the team’s card, as well as into the referee card. The catch shall be certified in both cards by signatures of the team member and of the referee.

If there shall be differences between the results on the team card and on the referee card, the referee card shall take precedence and the team card shall not be taken into account.

If a carp shall be struck before the end of the race, the team shall have additional 20 minutes after then end of the race to tackle it. If the team shall fail to land said carp, the carp shall not be included in the results of the race.

Mandatory Equipment
Each team shall have at its disposal at least two sacks for the possible keeping of carp (there may be maximum one carp in each sack), a hook remover and disinfection (klinik, each carp caught shall be properly treated before it shall be released back into water).
Permissible Fishing Technique

Teams consist of two competitors. One team may use no more than 4 rods at any given moment. If a team shall use more than four rods, it shall be disqualified immediately without any reimbursement!

Team Coach (who does not participate in the competition itself) may help his/her team – prepare tackles, bait and similar activities. The Coach, however, may not handle the rods in any manner whatsoever (casting, striking, tackling), but s/he may help with the landing net when landing fish.

Only such assembly shall be permitted for every rod that ensures that, in the event it breaks, the weight used shall be released. The assembly may contain only one tackle and one hook. Barbless hooks are forbidden. The use of boats or bait boats is forbidden. Everything shall be carried using casting (casting is allowed only from the bank of the lake). Caught fish may be tackled from inside the water, but only up to 1 m of depth and no further than 10 m from the bank of the lake.

The bait shall be located away from the hook (the usual bait-on-line method). Feeders may not be used! Feeder rods are forbidden.

Competitors may use boilies and pellets as bait. Coating dough for baits, coating leads with dough, dips, gels and PVA are permitted. Methodix is permitted. Stoppers that imitate particle, boilies and pellets are permitted.

The referee may, at any time, check the bait and assembly used, and the team shall, upon the referee’s request, allow for the inspection of the feed used (e.g. in the car, in the bivvy etc.)

Feeding is allowed only from the bank of the lake using hand, hand slingshot, small shovel, basket, rocket (spomb etc.) or cobra. Other feeding methods not listed here are forbidden.

The “catch and release” system shall be followed! Whatever is not allowed in these rules is forbidden!

That team shall be declared winner that shall have the highest sum of three point-bearing carp. One carp caught may be enough to secure first place provided that its weight shall be enough to beat all the other opponents. All ties shall be resolved by considering the heaviest carp caught. If this criterion shall fail to break the tie, the determining factor shall be time when the first point-bearing carp shall have been caught.
Movement and Behavior during the Competition
All participants, as well as the people accompanying them, shall behave with care and regard to nature and the fish caught. It is strictly forbidden to damage vegetation on the bank of the lake in any manner whatsoever, or to start fire other than in above-ground devices (grill, cooker). After the end of the race, everybody shall discard all waste into the waste bins.

Each time may file a protest if they suspect that the rules of the competition are being violated. Protests, however, may not be filed against the rules themselves. The protest shall be filed in writing, without delay after the suspicion shall have been raised to the hands of the Head Referee (preferably including evidence in the form of photographs or videos). Protest filed in another manner shall not be considered, and no referee shall deal with them. Protests shall be dealt with by the Protest Committee.

Protest Committee Members:
Head Referee, two referees concerned with the protest, and then the team captain of the protesting team and the team captain of the team suspected of having violated rules shall also be invited to sit on the committee. Only the referees vote about the protest (majority wins – no one is allowed to abstain from the vote).

For a violation of the rules, the team shall be issued a warning (in the form of a yellow card, which means that the team shall not, for the upcoming four hours, cast rods, nor feed, or map the bottom of the lake). In the event of another violation of the rules by the same team, the team shall be disqualified without any right to a reimbursement of any kind. If a team shall have been disqualified, its results shall be annulled.

Protest Committee Members

The Organizer reserves the right to alter the Rules if it shall become necessary.

  • All participants of European Carp Championship for Juniors 2022 participate in the competition at their own risk, and the Organizer shall not be liable for any damage caused or incurred.
  • All participants hereby certify that they have been introduced to the conditions of the Championship, to the location of the  Championship, and they shall ensure, at their own expenses, such protective equipment as will reduce the possibility of injury or drowning.

There will be official photographers and camera-people present for the entire duration of the event.
All participants of the competition shall be fully available to them and comply with their wishes.
By virtue of signing the registration form, all participants grant their permission with their images being taken without right to remuneration for the use of such images for commercial purposes.